Retain Salvador Castillo & Fill Vacant Custodial Positions

Sign this petition to urge UW to retain Salvador Castillo — a 20-year UW employee and activist — and fill vacant custodial positions.



The University of Washington continues to expand, but the number of Custodial positions continues to shrink. Current workloads make it impossible for Custodians and Environmental Services employees at the UW Medical Center, Harborview Hospital and the scattered UW campuses to provide the quality work that students, patients, faculty, and staff deserve. Instead of addressing this crisis by addressing staffing levels, UW’s Building Services Department is threatening to fire 20 year employee Salvador Castillo for doing what all workers in the department do: their very best to clean and maintain too many square feet with too few hands and too little time.

We urge you Preident Cauce, to:

Retain Salvador Castillo & fill or add back eliminated positions, so that we can keep the UW at the high standard of cleanliness our world-class University deserves.


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